The open heart does bleed
intricatej endless lines
you’ve left me a hundred times
yet I’m still alive to witness
take the bus into the city
those poor birds. Flock for crumbs
yet over the course of my walk
its those birds having been there
to see generations like you and I

what is joy if you can’5 be here
witness the true self inside
warm heart has no feeling
yet we talk and strive to have one
come alive? How please show us
before they all go away to die

insane plots taken to his unjust manners
wont see this outcome unless
you feed those birds
thousans of them beady little eyes
depemding on stale old bread
to stay to stay tos stay,alive.

who cares its only birds
theres a disease isnt there?
you’ll get ill if you do it
go on take a walk from here hurry …
i just saw a rose in the garden
two blue birds singing their song
a young couple holding hands
where has it all gone feelings
oh they’ll come again
will they?

my grocery list

baking powder
garlic powder
chili powder
tea bags
tub margarine
2 dozen eggs
red sauce (ragu)
pasta (spagetti)
mac n cheese
half gallon skim milk

by General Hope 13`