Howdy You All!!!

via Howdy You All!!!

The Eggs are first!


Since April of 2016 I’ve taught myself the art of raising chickens.Several weeks ago the first-ever eggs were layed .Winter is here and Cockadoodle doo .

May God bless you as you enjoy my short clip olof my flock egg layers.

Seems video clips aren’t there.if I can figure it out live follow ya.

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

-inbox-play-frontend-images-sticker-packs-2-LI_111We did it finally. Oh the sweet taste of victory and leavi nvm g behind all to be the champions of the World. Oh to be a child once again and know My hometeam is on top. 58 years ago when i was just a bisride from Wrigley field to this fine day was well worth the wait for the victory we succumbed in Cleveland as our Chicago Cubs finished the series on Top of the Majors as #1. Congratulations Cubs. For a job well done.
In his service,
General BT Hope/


Created with Nokia Refocus
Created with Nokia Refocus



End of the month. Here comes summer’s end. The 21st September I reckon is first day of autumn here in the hills n byways of the Ozarks.

Tryin to get to the bottom of things like the last sip milk I member that sip good. A homemade apple ūüćé dumplin cake. With cinnamon roll icing. Gained few calories just rethankin that after dinner aftif. Summer of 2016 will b historical for years to come. I shoulda ate more ice cream n watermelons maybe next year.cropped-fb_20140102_23_28_59_saved_picture.jpg

is the sunsettin or risin. All u science scholars orta know it ain’t a doin a thang we earthrock are guilty of turnin the world upside right by our revolutions of rocks not people.haha

can you change anything by dreamin n writing stuff n sleepin till noon most days. Well,yeah I did finish the chicken coop pictures no doubt comin to Better Coops n Gardens fall issue. Can’t get no¬† eggs out of Dem chickens yet. I spoke to them accordingly to avert a trip to the drive thru at Kentucky fried chicken.



Food for summer. Wow. Of all my cookins n bbqs n stuff I did invent in my kitchen pizza from the upper crust. The one at top is a Sicilian Italian Sausage w jalepeno n scallions n mozzarrella melted on top. Mmm. Wish u coulda been here. No I ate the whole thing. Hahaha…

built a smoker for smokin meats n chicken n sorts like a stray deer loin. Secret…Oak¬†¬† with green watersoaked branches n logs. Roast n smokes meat slower better mm mm Good pork Sammy w homemade BBQ sauce. Corn on cob French fries n pie. Any kind goes good after my BBQ. As Julia would say bon apetite.

One last thought. How many Cubs do it take to win this day.? Nine n one more run than the other team.





General Bebo The Hope's Cooking Show
General B.T. Hope’s Big Top Cooking Tuber

FB_20150716_05_19_36_Saved_PictureCreated with Nokia Refocushowdy one and all. as a general of the hillbilly army I present to you all today a beginning . tomorrow will be a new day only if we allow it to be. had the tea party we just defeated put a lot of …


Centerpieces Abstracted


caution inside synchronocriously.

By General Bebo T. Hope



“the abstraction of molasses from sugar cane”

during my study of abstact art Weldon the ‘wizrd’ n I entered

a photo contest with a shot of a garbage can with the old lid hanging

on top  we took the shot and in the darkroom we experimented with

‘solarization’ process of the print while still in the developer bath we hit the

strobe light quickly and it produced an eerie gray effect over the print causing

the old garbage can to glow with a silvery greyish emulation.

we mounted the photo on print board and entered this ‘garbage’ into the contest.

Took first place overall in the competition.

Thought to enlighten the form of these two abstactions for your enjoyment.

Now the big surge of abstraction is gonna be posting this thang for the daily post

don’t know how¬†Clark ever got his in the daily planet I reckon ole¬†Lois had

sumptin to doing with their teamwork,

One day I might even dig up the ole team members n print my ownrag or three

but right now the General is gonna see if Mr White will get er in the late edition or tomorrow’s Daily Post.


gbth16’425*^@} :=]