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As if the rantings of a sane man , you would sup-pose I must well be sane.

I reckon by now I must be. Having gone done so many highways I ended up

being found onced again. To my guru friend <Ms Guns n Rosey’s I came across

your blog and I’m hoping you ain’t a gonna be too mad at me fer reposting this

titlepage for I needed somewhere as to start off this holy mess my website is in

but fear not campers. I shall rise like the Phoenix out of the ashes and show this

world what a little time away from this mess of mine, (I lost my blog n website

somewhere in the belly of one of these server places.,)

Now, I’m not gonnaa give blame to where it probably should go, as I learned

how to shed the light in this darkened world we call Mother Earth. But keeping

pace with the current state we are in this world of mine. I must say. WHEW! WEE~!


I’m part Irish. Part Scottish, and part Native American Indian. Now if that ain ‘t the

most wildest mix of heritage you could bestow on a person. I know it is all part of

God’s plan who we are.

I know having seen War, The Iran war and all the other

conflicts in between. Who wins ? Does the dead and their grieving families mean

anything to you. War has no winners. The show must go on .

I was raised to be different, we were taught we all are equal and the United States would soon

become the United World. We are the champions. My friend. And we will go on fighting till the

end. In ending I want to say we must call on God right now and we must go hand and hand.

To his promised Land

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In God’s Name

General Bebo the Hope/ Pastor-Creator


Thou hast seen
nothing yet

peace has no boundaries


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