Monday Night


Monday Evening, been a peaceful,restful, delightful day as the new week is upon us. Praise the Lord! We must all count our blessings and believe. To have an intimate relationship with my Jesus. He guides me thru troubled waters, even when I least expect another miracle,Wham!! He solves my worst troubles, even saves my life. Example, the day our minivan hit a huge, twelve point Buck standing in the middle of the road. As close as you can imagine with the front end of my mini-van, there was nothing I could have done except drive thru the poor Deer.
Or, the night the lights went out in El Lago. We had just started dinner I was gonna get some fries to cook with my chicken nuggets. As I reached into my freezer Wham!!! A big Clapping noise and the lights of the cabin went dark. Seems a lightning Bolt from the storm brewing outside my cabin had struck a tree barely, then erupted on the ground. Myself I was twenty feet away as this Thunderous Lightning Bolt struck. Throughout my 59 years on this Earth I’ve had many life threatening things occur, the only thing I can say there is a God. One who loves his children, all the countless prayers and conversations with my Jesus. I can honestly say “I believe.”
To have such a relationship I still forget sometimes to just Praise him accepting the blessings he gives freely. As life dictates my soul and my eternal flame with Jesus. If you can’t see your God, know he is here, We are to be a loving, peaceful trusting as a Christian! Even in these darkened days we must hold each other up in prayers and even a helping hand when you see another down.
I had a heart procedure back on Labor Day weekend 2009. The surgeons put a stint to open my clogged artery. I just turned 50 years old when the Veteran’s Hospital held my life in this team of Doctors. Trust was duly noted as I hardly knew these Angels of mercy giving a second chance on my life. I love this life. We must be an example for the younger generations of what a Christian has to do.
I’ve seen the pay it forward thing Where someone a head of me or behind me paid my grocery bill when my food Card wouldn’t work. I had over 70.00 dollars worth of life sustaining food. God was in thew midst on that day as well. Just try and get closer to our Savior! He will astound and amaze you. “For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16
In his Holy Word,
General Bebo T. Hope /CEO and pastor of the Hobo Univercity’s Missions for Jesus

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