Well, the countdown to Christmas is getting closer by the moment. I’ve had the Christmas spirit since December 31st of 2016. My lights on the house got an overhaul as several strands were lost by a lightning bolt it grazed down our tree and blew up the pile of Windows and frames and lost power to the cabin. Needless to say that ole devil never gives up. I even put up a tree this year. Following are some songs I would love to share with you all.

A Promising Way

Picture this if you can imagine

Just what possibly could happen

If suddenly you changed your way

The darkness turning into a beautiful day.

Every time you start a going

Your mind blocks and is in the way.

Stopping what could become

A new and promising way

Don’t let the feelings slip away off track

You know the feeling just let it back

The strangeness you feel of doing right

Will change to routine with a struggling might.

The power in your hand

Is controlled thru the mind

With the heart as a guide to being kind

Meekness will inherit just let it be

Imagining the day of soon being free.

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