The cold brittle air awakens this pioneer. Bacon frying,sizzling in the fiery red iron skillet.As the eggs wait their immersion in the buttery drippings left in the skillet.

To feed this hunger it will take a lifetime of troubles.To understand it dispelling beast of mankind. Disbelief,too many lose yet Hope abounds.ancient-trees-beth-moon-8 Springtime in the Ozarks of Missouri the Dogwood trees and redbuds are in full bloom. As I drive thru the hills and valleys thru the countryside near my cabin the euphoria of it all is beautiful. The trees budding getting ready to explode their leaves onto the hillsides and across the Lake.  All the wonders of life here in the Ozarks, the deer finding forage in the sweet grasses and leftover nuts of the mighty oak trees. We have plenty to go around that’s for sure. Fishing, just need me some worms as I’m set to hook me a big one this year. As this day goes it is half way done, I reckon I will post this. Happy Easter to you all and may God shine down into your lives this wonderful weekend.

In His Service,

General B.T. Hope.  Pastor/Hobo University’s Missions for Jesus


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