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Goodness. Its a raining to beat the band!

Hope them you’ins can light them firecrackers and all that celebration.

I sure apologize to any avid readers of the General Post of the   hobo thang , I am

gettiner done is to say it lightly. Cleaned the office and them dang chickens are ready to

move out of the cabin into the chicken coop out back. Ma Hope is gettin mad at me fer

scarin’  her a few times with them(chickens) Seems I g9t all hens and not a rooster

to be had.

They aint layin no eggs yet  but the wings look rady to fry. haha. Nah Got them  arounde april fools day and they was a little chicken nugget size then. I drew up the plans for the coop and hammering and cuttin wood and stuff in all this heat makes u wanna go jump in a lake  but it wont stop rainin long enough  for me to a do that.

My children all growed now and these chores used to be their’s now, ole Grandpa if I want fresh chicken or any farm stuff I gotta get out here and well raise these chickens. Im kinda nervous for th rock n roll ochie coo in Im a fixin to start bookin gigs and settin up this Peace Train Holy Ghost revival  ( the tickets are free, Ma Hope said )   As I know these understudies of ours surely needs some  something u know. I do know prayer and hard work will pay dividends if u dont put all them chickens in one basket, so Im trying to recruit  some volunteers and cause it dont pay anythang it is   quite the obstacle to move these mountains of troubles ahead of us but God Willing and the creek quits risin FRAGILE/repack has its first debut show down che’re in the holler’s of the Ozarks. I’ll fill ya in a bit later as it gets closer to performance time. bebo1 030

. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we venture into God’s work and what he has planned for our mission. MAy you all have a safe and fun Holiday Celebration remember to do the right thang and help out others needin your Christian Love and Guidance.



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