Monday Soul Setting 

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Cant stop the rain . How bout bottling it up for the drought next year. then sell it back to them indians. No pun intended, I’m 1/4 Indian. Member that ole commerxcial the indian chief is lookin at his country then u see a teardrop and all the pollution .
give em garbage and they will give it back ten fold. Thats what mamma used to say. She mostly said George, that’s @3!%623e@ but I miss her sooo much. She knew how to cook them beans. Use u a good hamhock and eat it before anyone sees it. I almost lost my religion one time servin beans n cornbread to a homeless person and i shorted him (so he thought) on the hamhock. Goodness gracious. should of listened tyo mamma.

May God Bless our mess n yours
General Bebo t. of the

post script…. a special thanks for Carmen an Angel
for the wonderful scripture today. 5-23-16′

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