Centerpieces Abstracted


caution inside synchronocriously.

By General Bebo T. Hope



“the abstraction of molasses from sugar cane”

during my study of abstact art Weldon the ‘wizrd’ n I entered

a photo contest with a shot of a garbage can with the old lid hanging

on top  we took the shot and in the darkroom we experimented with

‘solarization’ process of the print while still in the developer bath we hit the

strobe light quickly and it produced an eerie gray effect over the print causing

the old garbage can to glow with a silvery greyish emulation.

we mounted the photo on print board and entered this ‘garbage’ into the contest.

Took first place overall in the competition.

Thought to enlighten the form of these two abstactions for your enjoyment.

Now the big surge of abstraction is gonna be posting this thang for the daily post

don’t know how Clark ever got his in the daily planet I reckon ole Lois had

sumptin to doing with their teamwork,

One day I might even dig up the ole team members n print my ownrag or three

but right now the General is gonna see if Mr White will get er in the late edition or tomorrow’s Daily Post.


gbth16’425*^@} :=]



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