“Tis’ thee luck o’ the Irish”

FB_20140108_23_37_56_Saved_Picture   green green grasses of my homeland… that would b Chicago and I ain’t no saint ,yet. I’m doing the right thang evry day to see the green O’Malley only talked about in his tales of his crypt. They say to hold a lepracaun he will take you to his golden treasure. Hmm so’ s if in’s I hold myself, I may find me gold in the bucket I have hiding wisely in the ground some where’s near here.

Of course I must not spill the where abouts or the treasure will be yours. Could be it is in my heart that lay the gold for the passage to it would surely make a grown man quiver. Lest he die in the search. Oh and many have in their quest to this heart o gold. But I will soon be off again, to the battle of the snake and the its charmer. As the tale continues on Erin go brach and he will void all the wrongdoers and naysayers entry into the golden castle I have stored.

Yes believers It so be as from the streets of heaven is no fairy tale or old folklore but a true and  grand find indeed. To get the key from this old, old, wizard of sorts one must only believe….1436068063855

TIS THE LUCK OF THE IRISH don’t they see….let peace begin this day, let it begin with you !


Happy St. Patrick’s day to one and all,

In Jesus name,

General n Ma Hope

of the Hobo Univercity

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