Eternity started


Jesus will have his throne and all the riches and gold will be
used in the streets of his Palace. Faith yet . It starts in the heart
take a long deep breathe. exhale.
We are part of this erasing the demon in this world, and it is not by the way you think. the holy Spirit has your back. He said before he left us Many will try to enter but only a few will enter in to the door of eternal life. The light is soon coming on. And to never be turned off again. the darkness this world has been in and the wrongful unheard of crimes and habits are  just not Holy u know when your sinning. If you want to go to heaven DO THE RIGHT THING. Don’t wait any longer than now. Salvation is only a prayer away. Quit trying to fix the whole universe’ troubles. take your life and clean it up. Is your bed made. Have you swept the demons out of your house. Look around you . Love somebody. Show your kindness and gratitudes for all the blessings God gives you.
Amazing Grace!



As we continue on our Peace march and to give Love a chance, we must continue looking to the Heart and soul. the trumpets will sound and the angelic escort  of our King will be the most majestic and glorious day of mankind.

Our defense against Satan and all his cronies is remember, take our two hands together and close our eyes  while we are kneeling and Pray, Pray nPray some more. Don’t lose faith as God IS watching you.

by General BT Hope  16′flwrfire

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