Sunrising, Blue Sky Somewhere?

once upon the universe Christian nation we will shake this world to give our King his crown of emeralds and precious stones and the king’s ransom we have stolen will pave the golden streets to the throne! hallelujah hallelujah BEGIN rise up and put our hands together in praise and here the angels sing Glory to our King.


sparade     Start. To open your eyes and begin. Again!

Seems so redundant, yet each day god gives to us that New Start.

Beginnings. Go walk in the forest.  See that mighty tree. Its over

100 years old!

And all around it has starts. New beginning. Had the seeds of

the almighty tree not properly planted and watered, given

protection from the elements of life around them,

They would not survive.

2012-09-08 11.03.22

Yet the sprouts, become saplings and the strongest ones

become young trees and yes

One day grow into the mighty tree of the Forest

Next to the big ole tree.

As simple as the forest around us.

We make life complicated, complex

yet all around this universe,

Life continues to go on.

God knew what he was doing when he  created us.

Are we too powerful and great to oversee

this supreme God of all mankind

Giving away the everlasting…

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