External to Internal

New Heaven on Earth!

n-SOLAR-WIND-SOUND-large300 Solar activity, SDO ultraviolet image

When we are separated from God, the Source of all life, we are externally focused, seeking happiness, falling in love, disillusioned in love, trying to make our external life such to give us identity, approval, belonging, and ultimately to be loved. The reason there are so many falling outs in relationships, is because we are not made to have an external locus of control; not meant to be seekers that never find, or externally guided. “The way that seems right to a man leads to destruction” “The way that leads to our Father is narrow and few find it”

The god of this world (little g) enslaves our souls by deceiving and manipulating us into believing we are evolved worms, lacking, limited, powerless, unless we buy into the world system of man-made solutions that ultimately harm us and put wealth in the hands of a…

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