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I’m just a servant of God and I am on a mission to open up the channel of communication again to our savior Jesus to the unsaved and willing of our World to look inside of us and whatever it may take to find in ourselves a place for a real and deserving self to emit in each of us a peace and passive understanding that life is important and we must allow and re-evaluate our world.  From the daily toils we take upon it and to the population in it our hope and love we give to one another.

I say thank-you to the followers of this grass roots effort of wanting and implementing a ways and means to the end for this Peace to actualities and to see this in my lifetime. I have six children and five grandbabies inhaling life as I write this. We cannot continue on the wars, and rumors of wars and diligently call this a peaceful world , even America to live in.

From the drug-wars on the streets to the leaders of our country fighting one another for position we are still 9 months away from election time and we are ignoring our liberties as we speak. I care who is elected, but we still must stand behind who is elected. From the president down to the town mayor all of these people deserve and warrant our attentions. Now when the next president is elected should the other side that loses whine and moan and try to dethrone him(or her) come on. The democratic process must be followed to the whole. Or is it just to the election booth? If so, we might as well move the Queen of England over here so she can control her people from here.??That would be called something other than Democratic and I don’t rightly think she would want to move. haha. The war in the middle east is concerning and all the other skirmishes and wars around the world must end. How can we establish a peaceful world when we can’t even get along with our neighbor?

Live and let us all live. In a world of freedom seekers and freedom doer’s I believe we can and must lead the way to a peaceful and fulfilling world where fairyland life of living happily ever after will exist and to see  us in this imaginary life. And soon.

So, as I started out, I still want to thank each and every one of you that has stopped by to read General BT Hope’s website and design for a new and lasting world. We soon will have the free tickets to the holy Ghost revival train for the ones wanting to get on board(it’s free! ) And help me to get this Peace thang moving all around our world.

General Bebo T. hope  16′1435207726402


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