Hunkerin Down

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Here comes the snow once again!  God is so Great in the undeserving Graces and mercies he gives us all. Think about the hungry right now. All the people in this world that are homeless and yet they know their God is here and will supply their every need. Faith the unseen knowledge he will always take care of his children.

I ramble on n on for what purpose but to glorify and praise our father who is in heaven. How can I justify this glorious god of mine and to share him so freely as to invite you to the dance, too. Love. that is so freely givin yet so many of us rarely give this love back. Oh we love our family and job and give to the charity of our choices. What else is there. Stop and know God’s love for us is endless so why do we stop. I seldom ever have enough money for the month and lost and found daily do I reflect on next month I will do better. Yet faith in Jesus gives me no doubt he is continually seeing after me and my wants and needs. cropped-imagesca1gjy0t.jpg     My little cabin in the middle of nowhere’s is the international headquarters of this  mission.  Look thru the stacks and piles of my papers and ideas and dreams they are coming to life right in front of yours n my eyes. Peace , and the Love of the Christian Nation prayers and the understanding that Jesus  no matter how soon he will be here is already here in the comforter he sent in the Holy Spirit. So if God is for us who can be against us? It doesn’t matter. for God gave you and I the power and the spirit of Jesus. Take our weapons of his choice, the two hands put together and close them eyes and reach Jesus in praise and prayer. Whatever the problems in life pray brothers n sisters. He hears our cries and knows our needs before we even ask him. So faithless of a world the Christian faith must stand now and lead the way.

An old song “Battle Hymm of the Republic” my eyes have seen the coming of the Lord Glory Glory hallelujah ! Fear not says the lord Jesus. Why are we scared of the coming of the Lord? because most of the Christian nation is in sin. Yet God is giving us all this one last go around to repent. I repent daily and give all the love I have to whoever needs it. spread the word , Jesus is coming back to claim us. Not the money you have or the big cars and land and whatever as our one mission in this world is to sign up more Christian Soldiers to walk in the faith and listen to what my Jesus is saying. “For God So loved his world that he gave his only Son that who ever believes in him shall not perish but have Everlasting Life.”  John 3:1610687057_752385521522398_676839153084974390_n4467590_fb_1430872498.7734_funds

In His Holy name,

by General Bebo T. Hope 16′

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