Wolf at the Door

    Featured Image -- 1800 Terrible thing, FEAR. knowin that world outside isn’t prepared for us. Neither was that WOLF. On the prowl in the nights of these mountainous hills n valleys. Its intention to stay alive n whether from hunger pains or maybe instinct, that wolf in the shadow of the moonlite was almost at hysterical fever pitch of madness. Having just finished our meal for the night I stepped out the door to check on the grounds n sure enough the wolf fangs out seemed almost destined to charge me.

     Instead of showing fear I grabbed a huge branch from the firewood pile and stood my ground. No longer was the fear of this unknown beast of the hills but now I knew I might satisfy him with some old leader of my pack of  ‘wolves’ instilled in my instinct to survive. Tossing him the bone I had for the dog this fiery killer of the darkness saw my intentions. Today instinct has taken control as well. I lifted my eyes and arms to the heavens above.

What would Jesus had done. wwjd a nuance of my youth, the hippies and love children we called them, had cults of prayer groups and all wrong came out of those kind. Yet it seemed then appropriate to make jewelry and tshirts  slogans of what would jesus do. They weren’t very serious it seemed yet they were and are today Gods children.

Where ever you are today God is calling on the main line and he wants us to ask him for our help when we need it. Faith , in a new year. Flooding and all kinds of wolves at the door. seems pretty grim. This light on the hill is for this mission to harbor and protect our youth and to become the miracle . Believe . believe something good is about to happen. 5cf768d3-7825-4db7-9a06-3a92394309d9[1]All the countries of God’s universe are soon gonna unite in a harmony not of disdain or cold brazen acts of war. this peace treaty soon will be drawn up and as night is to day pray Christian nation for something great is coming. 

     By the way, the wolf had filled his belly instinctively , he would of chomped me up ,too. After he ate his late nite supper of my dog’s dinner he turned into the moonlight and was gone. Be ye prepared for the wolf again, and again. My Jesus soon to arrive wouldn’t want you to miss his Glory. Ask God to put the fire out and let the life of our universe stand in awesome wonder.

In His Holy Spirit I send Prayers for Peace, Imminent and restoration of the Love we have for one another and his Holy Throne.1435207726402    

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