the snow has started here at the Univercity, n I don’t think its gonna ever stop. they’re dancing in the streets everywhere. so if ur gonna go anywhere’s bundle up n be prepared!  who ever was dreamin of a white christmas well I think u gonna get it!  I’m not a trained weatherman per say, but lookin out of the headquarters here it is snowin like crazy. I don’t even have a shovel or icemelter nuttin. I do have a good warm cabin though. maybe evben the lake c’here will ice up enough to go ice fishin or skatin who knows even ice sailin if’ns its thick enough.


Created with Nokia Refocus
Created with Nokia Refocus

I promise I’m gonna figure how this snow got c’here . it looks kinda like it started over there in Africa up on that snow capped mountain, see. and somehow started a rainin an a rainbow kicked up and shot that thang thru space and hit something and caused  a rainbow near the headquarters here in Lake of the Ozrks (that’s in Missouri, U.S. of A.  casin u didn’t know. )

then somehow slid over the rainbow to here. now that’s just my prosthesis I’m sure one of them smarter newpersons on nbc will tell us but it is snowin all over the univercity that’s all I know. so wish me luck n I’m gonna go make a few snow angels and some sno-cones n snow ice cream. 9 more days better be ready, make ur bed everything I know he’s a comin soon…img28

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