magic man is on the loose 030

today is as good a day as any, as the rain is comin and i don’t have an umbrelli or nuttinb. \

take two measure of sugar and three cups of love with seven ounces of golden smiles and you will be near meeting the General of God’s Army. ohh man has it been a heaven of a ride a gettin here. faith is the number one thang you gootta have maybe a secretary or three. and lots of candy. i love candy. might be the reason i pulled all my chompin apparuti when i was a youngster of bout thirty. oh yeah. you still are whet behindthem ears for near forty, forty three year. i would say/. after the six kids my life was just ghettin started. a havbe three wonderful father-in laws and the fourth one is in an urn behind me on the shelf, God bless his soul.. one wordf of advices, take lots of keyboarding classes before your yon kimpur or barmitzfah or your first softball taffy pull. whatever, just learn to talk to the keyboard and you’ll be fine.LAPTOP - WP_20140729_17_47_29_Pro

its close to deadline time and i dont know how supergirl,woman, boy or superman doesw it but it has a lot to do with Lois l:Lane and the kickstart band. today marks the longest i have gone without a post. i msut admit im gettin old in my middle age. yet to give in to the milk of magnesium and the aswpirin regime is another book fer sure. realize you and i and al roker and the rest of em are human guinea pigs of a massive experiment. to get to the answer of all the reasons swe are alive go ask your mothrer as i lost that part of mny notes but to sum it up in several paragraphs hassnottin to do with our imagination. oh, invention and lyin has a good imasgination but to tell you the truths you would not believe them anyways. so get in line for the flu shot and turn your head and think of candfy. and it will hurt ouh that is one thing i know the flu shot hurts. but and so ,,,, them things are not allowed in english class but i can do it all i want yet i try not to.


ohh it is rising somewhere, the sun yet it is just sittin there waiting for you and i to come around again and again. any sunrising pictures are full of scrutiny. cause it could be asunset really .  if our children knew guinea pigs were a wonderful afternoon snack down in south america would we really be loved to them and by them. i had a guinea pig named wilma. and she loved to get lost. or i let her roam around. she would get found rather quickly by mom and i wouyld hear the scream and come arunnin as she would  you know uthenize her. but ole wilma finally passe4d away. she was a beut. white and pink eyes. she had the pinkest eyes. the whole neighborhood was at a loss, as i was saddended fer quite some time. and yes we had a christian burial. dad said i could use the area near the garbage cans out back and dig a major grave(nexcthe dead parakeet thats another whole story,)

Sincerely printed thgis day

General BT Hope 15′

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