Howdy You All!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “By the Dots.”

    cropped-imagesca1gjy0t.jpg today is two months away from winter…

but you really must see the goodness and grace in the water.

I am a full fledged hill-William, that’s a hillbilly that’s gone to college.

it’s ok to laugh but I really did go to college.

  I loathed English with a passion. Camera360_2014_10_31_061759(1)

from the time I was able to say whole sentences, to ohh around

13- 14 year old, I was a stutterer. Now in the day (and it was a while back, mind you )

I was marched down the hall two, three times a week.

and there I was overloaded with English.

no candy coated verbs and prefixes or suffixes… plain, old English !WP_20150117_002

today as I share with you

  my English at times is way out of some horror book

but I guarantee its not.

as a full fledged member of the Hill-William society down c’here(Ozarks of Missouri…)

trying to type the punctuation of us, locals.

with spell checker and GooGle. hmm!


it is stupendous to spell the worst,

as a bon-a-fide sumptin or nother wait n see .

i’m goin to the editor soon,

whoa… it’s two months till winter, seems we rush winter n

rush summer…down c’here…

go figure.

   Have a Blessed Day!!!

General BT Hope  15′

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