does it matter…

believe in this magic…

what could magic in this world really matter.

a new pair of shoes, oh that would be wonderful, let alone magic. see i always got the children shoes, i went to the salvation army for mine. a little magic and walaa they were almost good as new.


that’s just the shoes. lets go a little farther than that. ha ha ha.

laughter. a sound of joy. to really belly laugh again. you know, till it hurts. that’s magic.

i did that onced. it wasn’t pretty though.  a milk laugh isn’t pretty either. what is a milk laugh you ask?

i would wait just the right time in deliverance of the punch line when i spied outside my eyes and yep, there was one of em’ sippin the milk and not realizing ole bebo’ was fixin to deliver the punch line…ha ha milk went everywheres , even the lunch room attendant rushed over to see what was the matter. that’s magic. maybe in its crudest form yet as i was developing my magic everyone seemed to laugh just when i spoke. didn’t understand the disability i had of stuttering. yet  is it a disability? try getting in front of the whole city and singing the ‘impossible dream’.

gosh, i did it! and i did not miss a note. mrs  lesher my instructor in choir had me pinned as a magician all the time. that was the year we moved from the big leagues of Chicago, Illinois to the minor leagues in Denver, Colorado.and soon to start my apprenticeship in magic. holy cow. snakes alive robin, we have a new professional magician, Bebo T Clown’ 14 yrs young and a full fledged magician???

how could this be? he is too young and unworthy of this title? ha ha ha. i had em now. i stole the magic wand and the magic words. started becoming more fluent and more than just the one line without the stutter. how did i do it. the magic words . come on we all want to know.

as a sworn in magician to the international brotherhood of magicians mind u, i am sworn to hold the secret of the almightiest and most proclamable magicians bound. the secret. see ifns u knows all the secrets, too. no longer is it ‘MAGIC’

but, (there is always a clause) ifn’s you want to become a magician, come over to the castle any full moon and the ole’ General hisself will swear you in to the magician’s society of brotherhood and magic and all that stuff.

abra cadabra


by General Bebo The Hope  15′

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do you Believe in Magic?.”

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