the heat is on!!!

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august 2nd, 2015

america take hold and grasp this idea.

once upon a time we were instructed by our educators and the like to have a family and a job. whatever you wanted here in us of A it could very well happen. only thing is life and its traps of luxuries and sin city all seem justified on the moviescreen. come to the country. fresh air, clean water wildlife its all there.  look no further

the buck stops here. 3021641562_5f05d9b37e_bas General for God’s Army and mega amounts of live in these veins the dream of life in america is soon gonna be just a dream. lost ions ago from the capitalistical ideas to fund those dreams. im a singer songwriter, poet and pretty good cook, as over the years feeding the old belly was a lesson well learned. go to the edges of any town in our country, you will find people hanging on to live. see the hungry souls in the other side of the world, they are hiding right in front of your noses.  most are a paycheck overdue or a lost mind or three maybe a wild streak of dumb whatever it is the lessons i had when i was young take those extra clothes and stuff to the big salvation box in the parking lot uptown where ever. is the ignorance of the blight of our world that easy to swallow. i worked in a few missions and they were not bums and lowlifes but real people, hungry lost cold in a zippidy do do da world of ours we cannot just write these folks out of the picture some might evn be a relative or friend,
God is so able to feed this hungry world if we would just give a hand. help is on the way? if our disciples can let the rank n files of their ministries do something, a well oiled machine works but people are not machines or numbers of statistics . The lady who sang she never promised us a rose garden, passed away at a young age of 67 , an actor 54 yrs old died form complications of drowning . who is next. when will life ever become united under one God. Lets see how many folks will get up and do something and give of their time and talents to a world in need of a leadership other than Washington ever is gonna dull out. the heat is on, its on the street. We all need to get down and pray and be an example to the children of today and get my teeth to grow back and my horse to come back home. WP_20150117_002

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