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this music of my life. crescendo, piamissimo, forte’, sticcato, all the motions of a symphony of instruments beating out this rhythm inside and around my world. i am standing on the wholeness of a new day that has dawned yet the blindness of people all around me to grasp it and take holod themselves is soo slow to say the least.
As peace has entered into my life why hasn’t it occourred on the other side of this world! people, everywhere rioting, killing one another, all for the invisible unseen power they feel is around them as they look for some miracloe in their skies to save them. this saving grace is only gonna ‘happen’ inside each person individually. to understand and to actually live in peace and harmony we all desire the examples must start here.
just as good gossip spreads so does the spirit of goodness and mercies. look what has happened thru bloody wars and conflicts over the centuries. massive graves of innocent, loving people. probably some in lineage to the killers in the war fought.
inside the mirror.
the unability
to change the image inside
until the actors on this side

do we really have such
an unjust society
that guns cannot be put away
the hands must shake
one another

of our
on both sides
agree to live.

By General Bebo The Hope 15′

Such as a disease or sickness we search for the cure of each of these. Why? Why would we ever waste time to cure diseases if we as mankind can’t cure disagreement and cause to our warS?
isn’t anyone listening? without PEACE, God will continue ignoring mankind. His creation of life and to bring eternal life living. imagine no hungry people or fighting to give one side more than the other. spoils of war. just go grab the others livelihoods and you now own everything.
there are no rules. with that in mind society no longer would exist. the lands would be barren of its fruits without care and to nurture them to the harvests. such as the first fruits should be offered to the higher power, so should a portion be stored for disaster or like the recent droughts of our farmlands.
rather than the dollar signs of the tenders of this disaster to be paid by the average family who has no control over good harvests or not. so good or disastrous ones. had there been stored commodities these would certainly offset the droughts and disasters.

in conclusion if there is one to be said, we as a world combined can take our family over to this new way of life by congruently(together). as seperate enemies of one another,it never will come.

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