2013-04-28 09.19.58 AS IT IS 12 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS I SUPPOSE TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS! MY TRUE LOVE IS BOUT TO RECIEVE A PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE, OH GOODNESS IS SHE GONNA BE SUPRISED. YOU NEVER KNOW WITH US MEN WE LIKE TO SUPRISE OUR LADY WITH EXTRAVAGANT STUFF. HERE LATELY IF I BAKE A PEACH PIE THATS BOUT ALL THE XTRAVAGANT I CAN afford, but she loves it anyway. it is the thought that counts. where do you get a partridge here in missouri? unless i go and bing it i surely don’t know. so i reckon she is gonna git some of my bestest cinnamon rolls on earth today, maybe…
reminds me once i was whippin up some cinnamon rolls for the kids and all the houseguests at the time, and i even made a nice frosting to drizzle on top. mm mm . but sumthin was terribly off in the taste. and boy i couldn’t figure it out to kill me. come to find instead of cinnamon in them rolls i used a spice called cumin. everyone looked at me trying not to tell me how awful them ‘cumin rolls’ tasted. out of kindness i suppose, oh was i fired up mad when i found what i did. i don’t even have that spice no more in my cabinets haha. they looked soo so good, but they weren’t. i’m not gonna do that for my true love today, she’d b mad at me. but i am gonna do something special whatever i do.
LOVE IS FROM THE HEART AND AS CHRISTIANS WE MUST OPEN OUR HEARTS EVEN IF ITS TO HELP THE NEIGHBOR RAKE UP THE YARD, DO SOMETHING SHOW THE LOVE WE ALL POSSESS. YES ITS GOOD TO DO IT FOR EACH OTHER, BUT HOW OFTEN DO WE ‘PREACH TO THAT CHOIR’ THE WORLD ISN’T REady for us, but we are coming down those streets and the alleys’anyway. like the cumin in those rolls they weren’t expecting, the love we can give to those less fortunate and hurting from lost loved ones oreven th poor folks. give love unconditionally. let them know we are CHRISTIANS BY OUR LOVE.

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