today god is in the house. are you praying and living the right ways. is your sin less each day?
take the love you have hiding way deep inside of your soul, the place where the fun and pomp n circumstances stay.
to love again, see a hill and walk to the top to just see whats over that hill. each and every moment as the holy spirit and you walk talk to jesus he wants to hear your voice say you love him and give honor and love back to him all the days you ha e stolen from your eternity, he no longer even remembers. you do, forgive your self and move to the future god wants for you. his only thing he wants from you and i is unconditional love. see a lost soul on the street, could be you may have been lost there one time. that soul doesnt want your money, he wants to go home. no matter how lost he may seem his hurt and pain may be hidden as well. but unless u an i start showing what christian love really really is this world will never understand or even allow jesus to b the king. the devil he is only one man. period. the demon the unseen force in the world that is what the devil has created. if you and i stand to gethr and hand in hand show this world what real live love is. they’ll know. that old hymn theyll know we are christians by our love by our love. love is not in a pistol aimed at another soul. nor is love not in a funeral of one over a piece of bread. love is holding out the reality of helping the poor and the unpriviledged. how do we mend this brokened messed up world we long to love and live in eternally? when our jesus does get here he’s gonna take about 1000 years for us to clean it all up. go drink a big drink of the mississippi muddy. the big muddy they call it. i wouldn’t even drink any of that unless it was filtrated and all that fancey stuff but at one time it was drinkable and nurished many. just like you and i we have to clean out our lives and b a living testimonial for the orld to see. not the big fancy car or the suit and tie and gucci stuff but the actions and words of our daily lives must be in relationship to our king, jesus. i look forward each day to another chance in his universe to breathe and belong to a world of beautiful people that just are also looking to the skies and waiting, while you wait get your lives in some kinda order, turn the light on bright and begin to show this world what we really can do,.?.,?…

by General B T Hope hobounivercity

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