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The day, no the night Genreal Hope went up on Cripple Creek, near some 40 years back
mind you. Now I would of rode that Bull if YA HAD DARED me, poor thing, they call em’ Rocky Mountain
oysters. Took a hungry teen-ager n some alcohol & marijuana, yes we inhaled back then you all.
If it was a Friday night in the crazy travels of my teens, we were brought 60 miles from our home to Colorado Springs, Colorado n I think without gittin a GPS or map it was 20 good miles up that canyon, now mind you we were a teenagers with a cause and lots of grass n ouar throats were becoming parched & in need of refreshment. Up on this Cripple Creek it was dark and the two-lane road at night being stoned was a curvy, winding road to the little town our crew of adventure seekers had to see. It was lyrics in a poplar song so we had to go it stoned, night and with a carload of dummies.
Double dog dare me! Here in front of my hungry munchy CRAVING FOOD, lie a plate of the dubious and unbeknownst to I or my taste buds them OYSTERS! Cowboys had dubbed em’ Rocky Mtn. Oysters as who would call them thangs sliced and gravy on em too. Bull Nuts, or Balls or Bull Testicles which they were and then commence to eat em?
So maybe that’s what’s really wrong with me to this day, ya was a eatin’ a bite, that’s all
I ate. It was just one bite of them Bullnuts, (Oysters)to have put this wild streak into my life.
Nah. It may have been the alcohol and pot at a developing age of my life that messed them brain cells & receptors n all them neurons n all, I think sometimes, too.
Nope, that was pure lightly good times. Yeah to get a bag of weed, some beers and a lady friend and with a carload of other teen-agers bee boppin round the town, anytown, as Cripple Creek was just a one-night wonder, adventure in those days. Just goin’ an doin’ just bout anything, at time it was to see who could git the stonedest on that Maryjane.
We had lasted out the kegger at the park up in the mountains close to my home maybe 30-40 mile click. It was 3:30 am as I and several tee-agers stoned and beer ass drunk tired n just wanting to get back home, me into my own bed. Well, wasn’t a soul on the road to home ceptn’ darkness and my two headlights to give light to the small, winding road. As I drove I was doing all the right things up ahead a set of lights heading on the other side of my road. Makes it tight and bout all you can to maneuver.Evening officer, whats the problem?
Sure enough, that other vehicle was a dang Colorodo Highway Patrolman. Shoot, I told everyone aboard to just shut-up and I would handle the situation. He came to the window and I politely said “Good evening Officer. What seems to be the problem? I just knew I was goin to jail for DWI,DWS(driving while stoned, if they even had such a thing back then).
He asked what was we doin out so late. I said,”We had been to a party and we were headin straight home. He claimed my front tire had crossed the double yellow line, I reckon after assessin our situation he said, “Well, you boys be careful and head straight home. I thanked him, and he went back to his patrol car and this HIGHWAY STAR & HIS passengers with a sigh of relief did just that. Went Home!!!

by General B. T. Hope 14′

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