Are We Ready?

Walkin down to the river one love goes to one God Always.
General Hope here wakin up get ready youngins for the holy ghost revival is comin down the road. Tickets are still Free and ther’s plenty of room for everyone.
. How we gonna get everyone a ticket, and stop this holy war? Love is our only answer. Let down this facade of tough guns n bombs . You ever been in the middle of a tornadic lightning storm at 4:30 am having to ride the road to deliver a worker of Love, my Aunt Lu, to her job at the nursing home. The miraculous event all around my vision as the storm raged on and the twenty mile ride from Peace Valley to her destination in West Plains, Missouri amazement and shock both filled the air yet I pushed on.sheets of rain, lightning and thunder, with winds through this darkened path of a two lanes highway as my guide to take my vehicle and package of love, Auntie Lu, to the nursing home early that morning.
. That storm liken to the life of the Christian. Our spirit is Jesus’ his comforter he sent after his resurrection over two thousand years ago. All this time We have had him right with us all the time. Ever since that early morning of that storm(over thirty years ago) the proof of my Jesus’ hand on my life and other Christian soldiers is prevalent.
. So so many times the world,and our faith clash. Don’t falter or lose your Jesus. Now is so ripe to get off our Pews and give Love to this world. Do you understand plain English.
PEACE ON EARTH GOODWILL TOWARDS OUR BROTHER N SISTERS. For all that may read these ramblings of a sane man, please pay it forward no just once, over n over n over again.
General Hope

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