when those blues back in…

Feelings,so hard to grasp these feelings
sometimes their so near I reach out
suddenly gone.just like that
like changing weather
these feelings come n go.

how can I chase the blues away?
the blinking of an eye,
the whispering wind
even the flicker of a light,
There they go again.

feelings. Oh I can handle the tears
sadness of a lost loved one so near.
or parting of friends we knew.
but when those blues back in
its tough. Loser never wins
it’s rough can’t stop this feeling
feel it coming in

can I chase the blues away again
Smile, the children are around
Its toll it could take
if it spilled over to them
these blues, my friend or my Foe

take these blues and don’t come here again.
oh, the sun shines off they go
deep down I just know
they’ll be back, they’ll take their toll
these blues baby
it’s just the blues
these blues of my life
shining thru. .

by General Hope 14′

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