praise & prayer report

our prayer has been answered for an office and a computer.  this is our first praise report .as the sun is rising on the farm. I want to thank Jesus for all the blessings he has given ma hope and I.  I look out on this beautiful farm I think of God and his blessings and how beautiful his world is that he made .How can anyone see his creation and not know there is a loving and merciful God?  It seems that everyone I talk to says they ( Don’t belive in God ).Itell them that no matter how much they think there is no God ,that God believes in them that he ssent his only son down to earth to sacrifice himself for everyones sins even yours.

Looking back to when I was homeless in St. Louis and the Hobo Univercity  accepted me i never dreamed I would be trying to open my own mission and become a pastor of my own church. All I wanted then was a good night sleep , smokes and coffee. God provided then as well. opening of my heart to others and allowing my guidance and love I must continue on my path .  For seven dang  months I survived with Ma Hope in a hotel room. now I have been mega blessed with an 80 acre farm and seven cats and four dogs a goat and two bunny rabbits.

i do not have monies yet to even help myself but i am witnessing to several people and somehow soon I will obtain a non profit status and my preacher status but until then I must survive daily with the monies I obtain for service connected disability and the donations and kindness of others. Please call me or ma hope at 573-647-0599 to sign up to the univercity and i need volunteers and guidance from all areas. if you can send us any monies send it to 13880 CR 3200, Rolla, Missouri 65401.

Today i must raise $500 dollars for the electricity bill of the past two months. we are gonna hook up the trailer and scrap a lot of metal and I also have been cutting firewood to sell. So please if you cant send any monies today pray for the Hobo Univercity s success in the endevors of the coming days. God Bless you All


General and Ma Hope

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