Good times ahead of me tonight

As a new friend comes into my sight

See, down on my knee

and asked my lord to set me free

Keeping  the faith and bearing the Cross for Him



So many times I have fought to see

Through the clouds and fog and to the journey

Everyday we must stand and show

The world the modern man

Just where all this came from

Just who do we share the glory?


Love will over rule and keep you in line

Stay on top of the game all the time

Prayer  and diligence come from within

With Jesus on your team you’ll surely win


See,He knows how to keep his family alive

He has done it for two thousand years

And promised an eternity besides


So keeping my faith I. Will know

God is my Father who will lead

me on my path

Expect the unknown

And have that will last


By General hope 13


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