to trust someone

Good times, bad times,
must sort thru
this foggy mind
inhale deeply this
drink from the spring,
pure clear water
and this life it brings.
Envelop around me
its goodness.

to trust someone,
open your heart allow
something inside. Feelings
here but guarded
from the pain

as if i never did hurt
this spirit jesus gives freely
also lifts my soul
to a better, easier
place to exist.

can it Be?
how the pain kills
the honesty and courage.
slowly rise up
not again but
for the first time.
coming home…

by General Hope 13`

3 thoughts on “to trust someone

    1. Thank you blogdigger. I’m only 56 yrs young. As this blog of mine begins to get moving u all ain’t seen nothin yet. May God shine his face down in our worlds today n always.
      General Hope/ pastor CEO hobounivercity

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