who holds the key

Slowly the beast rises in the land
heaven can’t stop him
until God’s command.
the smile on his face unfolds
as you sign over your life n soul
do you know do you care
do you stop the madness in the streets
it begins right where your at
the time to make our stand is now
the children understand where we lead
they do follow the plan
undermine the devil!
not in his master design
but one fine person
can filter thru
the end game is here
and he’s out to get you
it will be unveiled soon
he holds the key
be prepared for the best
but be ready to leave
holy war revival
no its been here since eve
the sands of his castle are breaking
mankind soon will be rearranged
open your heart to jesus
and the beast wont be
able no more to stand….
By General Hope 13`

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