When morning starts at 1:30pm its kinda a trick on everyone else whose been up n running for a spell longer. As the coffee ot is doin its job thought to run on some lines for a minute or three. Can you see there aint no tomorrow. That is them older folks tryin to convince us its over. They need to shut their pieholes n take Geritol n just let us younings take the controls.
I tried to get meals on wheels the other day I’ll be 55 this year and as a disabled veteran thought hey that would b good.
Went to the agency that handles it and WHAM! I’m too young. Seems the federal program has moved its age limit up to 60 yrs old! Damn it there is another clot in the veins of our country.
Now i’m on hold with my bank. They now have the elevator Musac I thought was gone. Even my girlfriends are grannies and we all Rock n Roll. They will git it soon. Assisted living? Nursin Homes will never b the same as the baby boomers start rockin in them joints. Nurses beware! HeeHhee Haw!!!
To try n understand the mind

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