howdy one and all. as a general of the hillbilly army I present to you all today a beginning . tomorrow will be a new day only if we allow it to be. had the tea party we just defeated put a lot of sugar with their dang tea i believe it would had swung the other way. i have self appointed myself general and a seven star one at that to give back to my country what they have allowed me to have these ppast fiftyfour years of my life. ifns i could i would put all these hear words in order and paragraphs and such but to do so would show my genius in english which i aint.four and a half years ago i developed and started a tent city in st louis misery and all i wanted was a place to sleep. mr green was the president and i was the vixcepresident of the tent city along with two off duty cops and the owner of the railroad warehouse we would sit around the heart shaped fire pit every evening and chew the fat on the immense job ahead of the people of st louis to develop and run the tent city. we had the ideas running out the traain tracks up the side of the place. i do not drink or do drugs any more but to understand the jargon of those nights we had the discussions you would of thought someone was high. from firewood sales to driftwood funiture and a bike rental operation the ideas came and as the tent city grew i thought to have a fish fry kinda like the jesus thang but we used hush puppies and french fries with the catfish to feed near a half hundred hungry hobo friends of the university. take in mind as we are developing this city to help the homeless vets and the other homeless people that wouldnt fit into the likes of the homeless missions already established in the fine city. most of you ins know the rest of the story from the different media exposures it recieved. little did i want publicity on my doings but the hobos know . ask the crazy preacher if im crazier he say i gave a run fer our money … im still staying anonomous but soon you all will reap the benefits of this clown.give me liberty or give me a fast car to mexico haahheehee. there will be soon a non profit orginazation to go with the univercity to hep the homeless and vets git back on their feet. and if my dang secretary gits off his we may have a web site or three to go with the university. yes we have a full training to become hobos which mr green said meant homeward bound and scholrships when the moneies become available will also be available. i gotta watch the broncos defeat the chiefs on the 73 inch 3 d mother of god t vs at the main house so please inquire and find a way to become the generals friend cause he s gonna need lots more help . god bless and may u have a wonderful eternity with jesus



hillbilliest hobo


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